It's hard to believe but another year has come and gone. 2015 has been an interesting year with a gradual improvement in the market. The loose horse market continues to fluctuate but for the most part remains the same. Storys of horse plants opening across the U.S. continue to circulate but to my knowledge there have been none that have actually opened. I believe the people in control of the horse meat market are doing as much or more as the animal rights proponents in the U.S. to keep these plants closed.

Quality well broke and sound gldgs. continue to be the top dollar horses with good broke mares seeing some improvement.
The number of weanlings thru the sale arena was down substantially. This would indicate a drop in the number of foals raised and hopefully start to clean up the excess number of unwanted and uncared for horses in the country. Prices of any kind are usually set by supply and demand-fewer horses should indicate a rise in the value of the ones available, loose or good broke.
Sheryl and I want to thank all of you good people who have supported our sale the past year. Our customer base continues to grow with both buyers and sellers.
Our staff is the best in the world and I have had many compliments on their profesional courtesy and friendly service.
We have been actively involved in operating a horse sale since 1978 thru the good & bad times and have always enjoyed the many friends & customers from the entire mid-west area.

Hope to see you all back in 2016

Note: This website will be updated to show consignment info as it arrives on all sales.


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